Capturing Your Adventures: Attaching a GoPro to a Garmin Mount

Capturing Your Adventures: Attaching a GoPro to a Garmin Mount

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, capturing the thrill of the moment is essential. Whether you're cycling through rugged terrains, conquering mountain trails, or cruising along scenic routes, having a reliable camera setup can help you relive those exciting moments. One popular combination for this purpose is attaching a GoPro camera to a Garmin mount using KOM Cycling's innovative accessories – the CM06 Quick Release Mount, the CM03 GoPro Mount, or the Top Mount. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of setting up this powerful duo to document your journeys in style.

GoPro Mount Choices from KOM Cycling

KOM Cycling offers three fantastic options for attaching your GoPro to a Garmin mount – the CM06 Quick Release Mount, the CM03 GoPro Mount, and the Top Mount. The choice between the three largely depends on your setup preferences and the angles you want to capture.

CM06 Quick Release Mount


Designed for easy and secure attachment, this mount comes with a quick-release adapter, allowing you to swiftly install and remove your GoPro as needed. This is an excellent choice for those who frequently switch between different bikes or for those wanting to utilize the quick release adapter for attached a front headlight. 

CM03 GoPro Mount

If you don’t require a quick-release solution for your GoPro, the CM03 GoPro Mount is a simple and secure option for mounting your camera underneath your Garmin or Wahoo mount. The GoPro attaches directly to adapter, which is directly attached to the underside of the Garmin Mount. This is a great option for riders with one main bike and not interested in utilizing the GoPro mount for lights or other accessories. 

Top Mount

If you're looking for a top-down view, the Top Mount is your go-to option. Maybe one of the most unique and innovative GoPro solutions, the Top Mount places your GoPro camera directly on your Garmin-style mount, providing a unique perspective of your adventure. This mount is a perfect way to utilize the Garmin mount that is most likely already on your bike. If you are looking to capture quick moments without needing the GoPro to be always available, this is a great option for you.

With KOM Cycling's CM06 Quick Release Mount, CM03 GoPro Mount, or Top Mount, attaching your GoPro camera to a Garmin mount has never been easier. These accessories provide a seamless and secure way to document your outdoor escapades from exciting angles. Whether you're capturing your cycling achievements or documenting stunning landscapes, this combination is a must-have for adventurers who want to relive their journeys time and time again. So, gear up, set up, and let the recording begin!

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