Dirty Chain

Presented by KOM Cycling

Meet the Hosts

Trevor Gibney

Indiana born and raised, Trevor Gibney moved to Michigan in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the cycling and gravel scene that was happening not only in his new community but all over the country. A self-described obsessed amateur, Trevor enjoys the training and racing aspect as much as the post-ride beverages and conversations, which inspired him to begin the Dirty Chain Podcast with fellow gravel grinder, Sheldon Little. As a professional musician, Trevor ensures the audio production of the podcast supports the quality of the content. 

If not on the bike or on the mic, Trevor is most likely getting beat in tennis by his wife, Rachel.

Sheldon Little

A true native Michigander who never lets Trevor forget it, Sheldon started his path to gravel cycling through triathlons and knee issues led him down the road of changing from multi sport to road and crit racing. As with many in Michigan the transition to gravel was inevitable. An avid singlespeeder, Sheldon has a tendency to follow down a path of now labeled 'bad decisions' such as fording rivers and triple centuries. Look out for obnoxious color bike builds and purple sunglasses then make sure you say "hi" and have a post ride bevvie with him and Trevor at events.

Outside of cycling he fills his free time with working K9s and venomous snakes.