Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Dear KOM Cycling Community,

We’re blown away by the selfless generosity you showed during our fundraiser sale. The concept behind the fundraiser was simple — transform 100% of the profits from KOM Cycling product sales into crucial reusable PPE masks, then donate them. 

We were able to partner with a great local company York Project, who we have been working with since our early college days. York Project is a Social Streetwear company from Metro-Detroit, that donates essential items to the homeless for every item they sell. They were given government grants that allowed them to focus and streamline operations towards the manufacturing of PPE. With the huge help of Josh York and York Project, we were able to access quality, affordable PPE.

Because of the outpouring of support you all provided, we donated approximately 1,000 masks overall. Our largest donation was to the frontline crusaders at Origami Brain Rehabilitation Center, a Michigan-based medical facility treating and rehabilitating life-altering neurological conditions. The Origami staff were critically short of PPE resources such as masks, so with your help, we’ve come through for them and allowed them to operate as normal. 

Thank you more than words can express for helping us deliver support to those on the frontlines who need it most. 

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