Introducing the new KOM Cycling Indoor Trainer Block

Introducing the new KOM Cycling Indoor Trainer Block

The Latest Edition

Indoor training has seen a huge rise in popularity because of interactive training apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. That is, without a doubt, great news for cycling. However, a little known consequence of using a rear-wheel mounted trainer is that it can negatively impact your performance.

The small height difference between the front and rear of the bike may be putting your training in jeopardy, but fear not, KOM Cycling has developed a solution to keep you covered. The KOM Cycling front wheel riser block levels your trainer-mounted bike to nullify the angle discrepancy.

The Latest Edition

The problem may seem benign, but the slight downward angle of rear-wheel trainers strains the arms and back. Training indoors is about maintaining and improving fitness for the upcoming season, so it shouldn’t cause additional problems.

At some point, you’ve probably tried to level your front wheel with a DIY solution like a piece of plywood or your old school books. Temporary solutions like these quickly fail when you lay down the watts during an interval-laden training session.

KOM Cycling’s riser block puts a stop to the instability by evening out your trainer setup while providing rock-solid stability. The really sweet thing about this riser block, however, is that it is adjustable. You can simulate an uphill training mission by elevating your front wheel, giving climbing workouts some added realism.

Adjustable Height

The intuitive KOM Cycling indoor training block offers three different height settings. Each is clearly marked with a height indicator below each slot. The training block’s design allows for use with the most common types of rear-wheel trainers, ranging from top names like Wahoo, Tacx, and Cyclops to lesser-known systems.

The first two settings at 1.5” (38mm) and 2.3” (59mm) are the perfect fit for most trainers. The highest setting at 3.1” (78mm) gives you a slight front wheel elevation to add challenge and fortify those climbing muscles. Stacking the riser blocks on top of each other helps you simulate the climbs you’d expect in the third week of a grand tour.

Tire Accommodation

A tapering valley feature accommodates common wheel types regardless of whether you’re a roadie with 700c or an MTBer rocking a 29er. Once the tire is firmly put in place, the riser block cradles it firmly for stability — even when you’re laying down peak-form wattage.

Sturdy, Stable, and Striking

With ultra-sturdy webbed grips across the bottom, this riser block stays put. Unlike with other trainer riser blocks, the KOM Cycling offering doesn’t require an additional mat or a carpeted floor to maintain stability.

An ergonomic, compact, and eye-catching design (with in demand colors like muted matte black to match your Sworks) gives the block a feeling of quality and style — a welcome combo! Set it up at your next indoor trainer party (are these a thing yet?) and impress your friends as they go for the old book trick while you raise your wheel in style.


You can find the KOM Cycling front wheel riser block on Amazon as well as at starting October 25, 2019.

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