GoPro Adapter

GoPro Adapter

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Computer Mount

Our AD06 is the perfect solution for your GoPro accessories when paired with the KOM Cycling CM03 or CM04 mounts. The adapter attaches securely underneath the mount allowing complete accessibility to your GoPro Hero or favorite light while also saving precious handlebar space.


Unlike other adapters, our AD06 adapter has a specially designed reinforced connector tab to ensure your GoPro style accessory is attached safely.

strong and

Designed from glass fiber reinforced nylon our cycling accessory adapter is lightweight weighing less than 10 grams while still strong enough to provide the strength you need when attaching your favorite GoPro or light.


Our GoPro adapter is compatible with our KOM Cycling brand CM03 and CM04 mounts for Garmin, Wahoo, and Bryton computers. The AD06 is NOT COMPATIBLE with our CM01 classic mounts or our CM06 quick release mounts.