Indoor Media Display Cycling Desk

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Game Changer with a
Simple Solution

The KOM Cycling Indoor Media Display bike desk workstation is a must have for all serious cyclists looking for an indoor training solution during cold winters, or for a way to warm up before a race. Designed with ease of use in mind, you can easily reach your water bottle or phone thanks to two conveniently placed holding water bottle slots.

Adjustable Heights and
Anti-slip Surface

The KOM Cycling Media Display easily adjusts heights and features a non-slip rubberized surface to protect your devices from slipping. It’s perfect to use for your favorite indoor training workouts and is the perfect add on for an indoor spin bike.

Lightweight and Portable
Functional Design

This KOM Cycling bike trainer media display offers the sturdy, secure device holder cyclists want. It features an unparalleled lightweight design and durability, thanks to an aluminum tripod base and plastic desktop with a rubber grip surface.

Multi Functional to
Maximize Productivity

Use the bike trainer desk to maximize productivity while cycling or even as a standing desk to give your body a break from sitting all day. Thanks to the large surface area you’ll have plenty of room for all of your devices, as well as a water bottle or cup of coffee. And, the portability of this desk means you can easily switch between using it as a freestanding desk or trainer in just seconds

Indoor Media Display FAQ's

What are the desktop dimensions?

The desktop dimensions are 24" x 13" and features 2 water bottle locations, 3 tiered device slot with cable management, and an anti-slip surface.

What is the Min and Max height adjustment?

The KOM Cycling indoor bike desk can adjust from 34" to 50" with a simple clamp release located in the center support beam.

Is the Indoor Media Display available on Amazon?
Yes this product is available on - Click Here To view


Whether you are using a MacBook or iPad to view your virtual training platform of the day, the KOM Cycling Media table caters for your needs.

James from TitaniumGeek

There’s a tablet slot towards the front. This allows you to slide a tablet or phone in there, and it keeps it upright: In fact, this is arguably the best tablet design out of any desk I’ve tried.

DC Rainmaker