Universal Thru Axle
Universal Thru Axle
Universal Thru Axle

Universal Thru Axle

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Thru-axels for
indoor riding

The KOM Cycling Thru Axle for indoor training is designed to make your Thru-Axle Bike compatible with Indoor Cycling Trainers. This allows you to continue riding your outdoor bike inside all winter long. The best part is you can also ride with this Axle outside too!


Different bikes have different Thru Axle axle thread pitches. It is crucial to check your existing Axle or your bike brand's frame specs before ordering an Indoor Training Thru Axle. The last thing you'd want to do is install an axle with the wrong thread pitch and damage your frame! Available Axles available from KOM are M12 x 1.00mm, M12 x 1.50mm, and M12 x 1.75mm. Be sure to double-check your specs before ordering!


By including a range of spacers we ensure you can use this Axle on whatever length Thru-Axle your bike requires. The included spacer sizes are 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 12mm creating the ability for this Indoor Training Thru Axel to work with Axle lengths of 135mm and up!


Wrench flats and a Hex Key Axle end cap allow you to securely mount this precision-machined 6061 aluminum axle through your wheel and onto your bike. This allows you to safely drop watts on your indoor bicycle trainer without fear!


Engineered to accommodate every bicycle trainer on the market including the Wahoo Kicker, Saris, Elite, and Kinetic Trainers (and many others) with universal end caps.