KOM Beanie
KOM Beanie
KOM Beanie
KOM Beanie
KOM Beanie

KOM Beanie

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The perfect beanie has arrived! This embroidered beauty has a snug fit that ensures you're going to feel cozy and warm whatever you're doing.

• 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
• Breathable cotton blend
• Form-fitting shape
• One size fits most


Tubeless Repair Kit + Co2 Inflator

A serious tool for serious athletes. Don’t let a puncture get in the way of your precious training. Be fully prepared with our premier all-in-one tubeless tire repair kit solution. Nestled within this sleek yet strong aluminum carrying case lies your tubeless repair essentials - a Co2 inflator for bike tires, valve core remover, repair strip plugs, and a tire insertion fork - all in one single 30 gram package.


Reduce unnecessary clutter and excess weight with three essential tools in one. One sleek package means you’re not only saving precious space and weight for your training rides and races but also saving the time might be searching through your jersey pocket or saddle bag for three separate tools in case of an unfortunate puncture.

co2 inflator

Get back rolling again after your tubeless tire puncture with our ultra-handy included Co2 bike tire inflator. How have we not thought of this before? No longer will you be searching through your pockets or saddle bags for your old, small, and easily lost inflator. Our tubeless repair kit has a built-in Co2 inflator to quickly and easily re-inflate your punctured tire.


If you use tubeless tires on your mountain bike or road bike, then this tubeless repair kit is essential! If you get a puncture too large for your sealant (like Stans No Tubes Tire Sealant, Slime Sealer, or others), then this tool plugs up the hole in a matter of minutes. Just smooth out the hole and patch it up by inserting one of the included bacon strips – then shoot it with some Co2 from the included bike Co2 inflator and you’re all set!

Heavyweight design
lightweight solution

Our premium tubeless repair kit tool weighs only 30 grams! That’s 2 to 3 times lighter than any other tubeless bike tire repair kits on the market with an included Co2 inflator! You’ll barely notice the tool sitting comfortably in your jersey pocket or saddlebag, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.