Garmin Classic Mount

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Check out the KOM Cycling Garmin Bike Mount!

Match Your Ride.

Lets be honest, our bikes look better when all of the colors are in sync. Add some style to your ride with 10+ color options including our most popular carbon fiber finish.

350+ Five Star Reviews

Price vs functionality peg the scale on this purchase. I like this mount better than the original Garmin unit from perspective of stiffness and appearance.


I love when a seller’s description matches the product but I’m thoroughly impressed when the product exceeds. The mount purchased exceeds!

Scott Brown
Compatible with
Garmin Edge Series

Garmin Edge 20, 25, and 130

Garmin Edge 510, 520, and 530

Garmin Edge 810, 820, and 830

Not compatible with Edge 1000 series.


We are confident that upgrading to a KOM Cycling Garmin Bike Mount will give you piece of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best way to securely lock and perfectly position your computer on your bike so you can focus on your goals, whether that be having fun or going fast, or both.
Compatible with
Most handlebars

Clamp diameter fits 31.8mm handlebars and includes shims to fit 25.4mm and 22.2mm.